Saturday, July 3, 2010

I hate doing math...

So I was sitting in the car the other day and my wife was in there with me, who I love an adore. We were talking about age differences, now not that it really matters but there is an age difference between my wife and I of 14 years.

So we started talking about when she was born, I was 14 and had been racing for a number of years and then we started doing some really odd math. So I have a son named Kyle who is 14, which is really odd math considering there is exactly 14 years difference between my wife and I. So then we did some other math my wife is 26 and my oldest son is 14 which equals 40 which oddly enough is exactly how old I am this year.

Are you creeped out yet???? because it gets better.

So I have two other sons, Shane who is 8, and Tj who is currently 5 soon to be 6. So On Aug 12th when Tj turns 6 (happy early birthday son) The combined age of Shane and Tj will be exactly 14, the same age as my oldest son.

Now it gets a little weirder and no I am not Jim Carey in the movie Numbers but..... There is exactly 14 years age difference between my oldest son and my daughter. There is 14 years ago combined with Shane and Tj, there is 14 years difference between my wife and me.... creepy. The number 14 keeps popping up this year.  

So oddly enough for the remainder of the year, after Aug 12th when Tj turns 6, I think I will buy lotto tickets, but they all have to have a 14 on it. I have to buy size 14 in everything, I have to move to 14th street in number 14 house. I will say this that if I run into one 14 with bad news I am in trouble.

14, isn't that when all the trouble begins?