Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life is difficult...right?

What makes Life so difficult?

We have no control over the choices we are presented with..Right!

For example, you may decide to stop at the 7-11 to get some gas and as you approach the teller to pay a robber decides to hold up the joint.

Now you find yourself having to make decisions in a reality that was not your choosing. Yes, you did decided to get gas, but you didn't decide to be robbed. This is why the whole free will thing is kind of dumb. Free will is somewhat irrelevant when the choices you are presented with all lead to undesirable results. 

Even if you make a concerted effort to always make the right choices you have no control over the choices that other people make and this intricate inter-dependency of our reality is what make life so difficult. It is like navigating through a maze that continuously changes. Each time you make a choice your destination changes locations. 

Most people probably don't even notice this. On the surface, life appears to be just a series of success and failures attributed to effort, coincidence, and luck, good or bad. No more thought is put into it. Those who never develop expectations are never disappointed and life just seems to move along. 

Some say that our desire is what makes life difficult. Imagine if we lived in a world where no one had any desire and we all passively accepted our lives as they came by and did nothing to change it, the world would be arguably worse but life may not be as difficult.

We do make poor choices but many times the choices are among evils. We are all born equal in that we all have a mother and a father but there the equality ends. Life presents it own situations to us and most of them are not of our making. A school outing ends with 15 dead kids in a rain swollen river. They didn't choose to go. It was required. They weren't driving the bus. Yet, 15 of them died. So, no, we don't make our life what it is. We don't drive life, life drives us. We are its tools to meet its goals. If we get a few kicks along the way, then hurray for us.

Consider the lives of people who still live like we all did thousands of years ago. In huts in the jungle. People like to think they are in paradise. But in reality they have to work everyday, sunrise to sunset, just to survive. We have more time off than any of our ancestors have ever had since the beginning.
Maybe our lives seem difficult because our dreams are too complex.

Life is simple. But all the things that we include into our life makes it complex and if we try to do too many things at one time, it makes life hard.

The simple answer is ATTITUDE. 

If you posses a positive attitude, life isn't all that hard. There will be difficult periods once in a while, but life, in general, would be good. 

Life is what we make it!

The unwillingness to change and know the difference
Life is not hard we make it hard for ourselves