Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I Love you, you know! Eleanor Francis Daw

I know it has been awhile since I wrote on here and the fact is; a blog is very labour rot. Time and energy, who knows who reads it, or even cares. Life is full of perspective.

One day however you will wake to find that world changed I did on April 29, 2010. The day I learned, I would never hear the voice which had been there so many times in the pass. The day I would come to learn what a moment in time was all about...the day my mom passed.

My mom was born on November 15, 1942 and ever since then has been changing lives. She changed the life of my Grandparents and then that of my father Ivan. Then of my brothers and sisters. I am proud to say I have 3 brothers and 1 sister. Alan, Phillip, Kelly and my Sister Tracey. Proud to call them my family as my mom was proud to call them her children. My mom changed all our life's both as children and as adults. She no matter what was always there. Rain or shine nor matter what we said good or bad she was mom. No matter the distance between us, No matter how bad we screwed things up she would always lean in and tell you "I love you, you know" something I miss each time I pass a phone.

My mom loved her children and watches each of us now waiting for the day we can hold her in our arms again, the day she can lean in and tell us "I love you, you know"

She not only loved her children but was a proud grandmother to the countless Daw clan of grand children. All her grand children. She loved my newest one; Arowyn; sadly; one she never got to hold, or tell her she loved her in person. My mom did get to see her and share a smile and a laugh over Skype. I know she loves her and watches her....her Tulip.

You see my mom never really was that fond of Arowyns name and joked she was going to call her Tulip. A name which has so much more meaning now.

The day you never want to come is the day you can never hear a voice, or see someone again. We always say...we have time....see you soon but I am hear to tell you you don't.

Take the time; each time to tell the people you care about you love them, to hold them, to embrace them because death will come if you like it or not. There will not be that moment you hoped for that moment of being able to lean in and say.....

I love you, you know!

So to all of you to whom I care for and love, I am reaching for each of you now giving you a hug and letting you know this.

THANK YOU for giving me the honour of being in your life, I love you.

To my family regardless of the distance... I Love YOU!

and MOM...thank you for allowing me to be you son, for guiding me, holding me, protecting me and letting me learn who you are.



  1. Well said. Your mom was a special person and am sorry for your loss

  2. hey chris - thanks for leading me to your message and thanks to your mom for bringing someone like you into our lives.

    robin (mr. peanut - lol)

  3. Your mom was a beautiful person both inside and out. She will be truly missed.

  4. I believe your mom is in heaven and blessing all she love.