Thursday, December 3, 2009


Life never seems to change; we have what we have at that’s it. No more, no less; well these days it seems less is all any one is handed.

So what happens when someone wants more and has no way of getting it?
They seem to sit in this endless pool of want with the effort to grab it but never the opportunity.

Look I have made a lot of mistakes in my life and have lost a lot of what I wanted including some major sporting opportunities.

BUT…. Once one has asked for forgiveness and truly shown they have the will and ability to be better than they were should that person not be given at least a look if not a chance.

Ask yourself, would you not like a second chance at something you lost?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

“Life is the sum of your choices.”

“Life is the sum of your choices.”

I would like to share with you someone in my life who has influenced me, my father in law , Nick. I did not know Nick well and truly only met him 5 months before his passing. Nick left us last Monday at the age of 70.

My father-in –law was a self-sacrificing man, who is authentic in all of his dealings with others.

However, in keeping with his authenticity, he tends to be impulsive. He had his demons and was able to control those demons and make good on his challenges just before his passing.

It is because of him, that I carefully consider the choices I make as a parent; knowing I can dramatically affect the lives of my children through my choices and characteristics.

Nick’s characteristic where authentic and unique– he was never trying to gain a better life though thought rather than action. In the end however he knew this was not working and did make a change to living life by action and that within its self says something for the better.

I look back now and remember a scene that played itself out many times I see a man now who just wanted to relax. . Our conversations were genuine, and he talked to me as a peer, as much as any person possibly could.

However, often a positive trait manifests itself in a negative fashion; as was the case with my father-in law. His authenticity, being true to himself, often led him to impulsiveness in both word and action.

Today we have looked at someone who has influenced many lives greatly through his
characteristics and his choices, we have seen that he was a very authentic person who could be self-sacrificing and yet tended to be impulsive.

The impact of living through the consequences of my father in laws decisions has taught me to consider more fully the consequences of my own actions – before I act.

Monday, November 2, 2009

A MAC Truck Hit ME!

Ok, Last year this time , I broke my hip! This year, I break 2 ribs and my foot....nice.

How? Well, getting out of my car! So I am leaning on the front foot pedal of the wheelchair place the wheels on like most guys do when getting out of the car, WHEN....

The foot plate breaks and down I go! NOt just down but down acorss the back of the chair and on to the ribs then I bent my foot back trying to get up. I am having such a good time here in BC,

Car broke into, breaking my self up, and now no less then 4 close friends dieing in the last week.

SOmething has got to get better!!!!! SOON!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today is today and tomorrow will is I like it or not.

So, the last 2 days have been pure hell!!!

I moved to BC for a number of reason most of all to make my wife happy. She missed it here and well as nice as Newfoundland was, fact is BC is just a little better fit. We do miss the pace of Newfoundland and how simple it was but life is not about simple.

Work, well work has its good days and some bad but like all new jobs it is a blend of what you bring to what was; to find what will be…but it is a pure hell process.
I love my job; it truly has given me an opportunity to come back to a sport to which I kind of walked away from for all the wrong reason. Now getting back into curling gives me the passion I once had for this sport. I don’t curl competitively much anymore (I think too many politics right now) but I am involved and seem to be able to make a difference.

Life is good in general but you do have to watch out for that devil which does try and make its way back into to your life.

Remember people; it was an evil Chris that was not is…..

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Recession is not over!!! YEA RIGHT!

So, as the new manager down here at the Vancouver Curling Club (, and yes I know that was bad to do.

We like a couple of other clubs have had a hard time getting teams to sign up for Bonspiels (curling term) or in other terms; a tournament.

I ask myself why???? If we hear on the news that this recession thing is (almost) over then why do people not want to spend a few bucks to come out to a get event regardless of the host.

Well, I guess the recession is not over and we must be more creative!

So be it!!!

The Draw of a NEW DAY...What the heck is going on!

So, today is one of those days. Nothing appears to want to go right except for my family life. Morgan is GREAT! The boys are excellent and the baby well she is kicking up a storm.

Now step outside the house or in my case roll outside and all hell breaks loose. I have no idea why people cannot or will not work together and see the bigger picture.

I heard recently that "pain is the sacrifice made for the entire good thing that happens to us."

Well, I feel the pain can I see the good stuff please....more to follow.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

My New Little Girl!!!!

So I wanted the world to know something very personal about me and who I am. I have been around for a long time and god knows I have a few friends and a few enemies.

But I stand behind what and who I am, good or bad!

What I can say is this. I am a very happy and proud father to my childern! ALL of them!!!

My Girls...Pam and Chantelle who are almost grown up and live in Ontario

My Boys...Kyle , Shane and Tay who live with me and my wife Morgan in Bc.

And we are welcoming our newest to the bunch are little bundle of joy ...our newest Girl. Name to be annouced at a later date.

I feel a little like Mike Brady 3 and 3 now!!!! Well, I am very happy to have GREAT and I do mean GREAT childern no matter where then Live! I LOVE YOU ALL, VERY MUCH!

What's NEW!

Well, I thought I would try this so, here it is. Now I can stay more updated then every once and a bit!

Technology, who knew!