Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Next?

Well, I know I need to write on here more often than I do but life sometimes gets in my way.

Another year has past and to be frank about it I wish some parts had never come.

I had a great amount of highs and lows....

Biggest high- birth of my daughter Arowyn.

Biggest low - Death of my Mother

What else can you say, life is an ever change of expectations with little or no warning.

I will write more often this year, what about who knows.

By the way, I guess I will make it offical. I have returned to sport! I will be curling once again but have no real idea were it will lead me. I have an opportuntiy to grow in my sport and I want to take it. So I will be paly with the best again.

More to follow life is calling.