Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dealing with the dark side

Ok; if life was simple we would all be millionaires, right! Of course a coffee would cost about $10000 but hey I am just saying.

Dealing with the dark side is not much easier. My whole life regardless of what I have tried to do has had nothing but well dark people to deal with. Be it personal or professional it has always been dark. Mind you I found a few sparks of light (Morgan) but....

I discovered that what every you try people will try and bring you down. My friend once said DTA. I said what the hell is that.

Don't trust anyone!

Believe me folks DTA!

My new journey began 3 days ago, and this morning was the first step to discovery of whom to trust and whom not to trust.

Please come with me, the original me and follow the bouncy ball should be interesting to see where this trip takes me.