Thursday, October 22, 2009

My New Little Girl!!!!

So I wanted the world to know something very personal about me and who I am. I have been around for a long time and god knows I have a few friends and a few enemies.

But I stand behind what and who I am, good or bad!

What I can say is this. I am a very happy and proud father to my childern! ALL of them!!!

My Girls...Pam and Chantelle who are almost grown up and live in Ontario

My Boys...Kyle , Shane and Tay who live with me and my wife Morgan in Bc.

And we are welcoming our newest to the bunch are little bundle of joy ...our newest Girl. Name to be annouced at a later date.

I feel a little like Mike Brady 3 and 3 now!!!! Well, I am very happy to have GREAT and I do mean GREAT childern no matter where then Live! I LOVE YOU ALL, VERY MUCH!

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