Saturday, October 24, 2009

Today is today and tomorrow will is I like it or not.

So, the last 2 days have been pure hell!!!

I moved to BC for a number of reason most of all to make my wife happy. She missed it here and well as nice as Newfoundland was, fact is BC is just a little better fit. We do miss the pace of Newfoundland and how simple it was but life is not about simple.

Work, well work has its good days and some bad but like all new jobs it is a blend of what you bring to what was; to find what will be…but it is a pure hell process.
I love my job; it truly has given me an opportunity to come back to a sport to which I kind of walked away from for all the wrong reason. Now getting back into curling gives me the passion I once had for this sport. I don’t curl competitively much anymore (I think too many politics right now) but I am involved and seem to be able to make a difference.

Life is good in general but you do have to watch out for that devil which does try and make its way back into to your life.

Remember people; it was an evil Chris that was not is…..

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