Monday, November 2, 2009

A MAC Truck Hit ME!

Ok, Last year this time , I broke my hip! This year, I break 2 ribs and my foot....nice.

How? Well, getting out of my car! So I am leaning on the front foot pedal of the wheelchair place the wheels on like most guys do when getting out of the car, WHEN....

The foot plate breaks and down I go! NOt just down but down acorss the back of the chair and on to the ribs then I bent my foot back trying to get up. I am having such a good time here in BC,

Car broke into, breaking my self up, and now no less then 4 close friends dieing in the last week.

SOmething has got to get better!!!!! SOON!

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  1. Hay, out there,congrads on new baby , sorry to hear abot your ribs and foot, shit happens!!!. something good ,I talked to the curling team in london and gave them a pin from richmond B.C. Marc says Hi. Love you Bro.