Friday, November 4, 2011

Elmo has such a greater meaning....

                                                   Elmo means "I love you"

Each day passes without real notice to anyone. We sometimes wake up to wonder where time went. The other day I was sitting with Arowyn (my daughter) and this fact hit me. Arowyn is my prize so to say. All my children are. I have a few. My older girls Pam and Chantelle are well into adulthood now. They are 19 and 17; one with Kodi my granddaughter who turns 1 in February. They are both from my ex-wife Mari.

Kyle is my oldest son from my marriage to Mari but lives with Morgan and I. He is a great boy who is dedicated to his family. Arowyn looks upon him in awww. Everyday sitting at the windows awaiting his return from school yelling Ky, Ky. Until he walks though the door and she can be held by him and they walk off to get their brothers. He really is a GREAT kid. He works very hard trying to do his best for me and Morgan. He does not always succeed but he is always appreciated and loved. Thank you ,Kyle.

Shane and Tj or better known as the “fix it brothers” are good kids to. They are peas in a pod and arm in arm stand by each other. They love their brother and sister.  They also work hard at doing the right things not always have success either but the effort is there. Thank you boys. They are loved as well and we try hard to make sure all the boys know right from wrong and get along.

Arowyn throughout the day will YELL; TJ;  as she does not understand where he went. She checks the window 200 times a day between 11am and 3pm for her brothers crying out for them.

She is a dream. Blues eyes to die for; bright smile; blonde hair. I will have to stand guard with my guns when she is older to fight the boys off. She is always happy but can have a major attitude when she wants. The other day my sister Tracey helped as I fix my car. I had asked her to watch Arowyn. Well; 2 hours later and my loving, happy daughter was still yelling at the top of her lungs. Not to discount the valiant efforts of my sister.  She did a great job but next time I need to bring her ear plugs. Arowyn can have attitude.

Arowyn has one love in the world right now; ELMO. I got a tickle me Elmo from Morgan about 4 years ago as a gift. Elmo is Morgan and mines code word for “I love you”. So the gift was perfect at the time. A few years later and Elmo is loved. Arowyn tows him around the house doing everything. And gods forgive you should you come between her and him.

She dress him, diapers him, feeds him; well I bet you get the picture. I think in her own way she has even asked me to buy him a car but the budget has not worked out for that yet. Next blog I will have the adventures of Elmo ready to go and you can read the toilet and swimming lessons she tried to give him. Remember one thing about that doll. The batteries… when you see her hair standing on end you now understand (just joking)

Arowyn loves her mom. She is going though the worst time of her life right now. Every time her mom leaves she pans at the windows yell for her mommy for 5 to 25 minutes.  She is getting better but it is very difficult on her. Morgan use to stay at home with her when I work and Arowyn has not figured thing out yet that when she leaves she will return. I have a few tricks but is very difficult time and only time will tell or more over learn.

Morgan is my wife of 3 years and I have been with her for 5 in total. We both have our past but better yet we have our future. Today November 4 is our anniversary day of when we officially became a couple. I love her with all my heart. I truly believe I am a much better person today because of her. I gave up my old life, all my wrong doings, all my errors (I still make a few) . She has changed me for the better.

 She showed me who I am and what I can be. I am not perfect and I have wrong so many people. For that all I can say is I am sorry.   I will not apologize but I can say I was wrong and I am sorry. Take it for what it is and the words I have said. I am sorry.

Morgan and the kids are my life. I love them and that is to be noted.

Happy Anniversary  Morgan , it has been a great 5 years awaiting the next 5.

I have moved on from the VCC and although missed and not understood. I have my foundation, my wife, my kids, my family and those I call friends.

My door, phone and heart is open to all of you. You know you can count on me for support and love.

That is who I am now and what I try to be.

THANK YOU all for your embrace, forgiveness, friendship and so much more.

Next time the adventures of Elmo and swimming in the toilet!
Shocking outcome to be announced!

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