Thursday, December 22, 2011

A christmas gift for some....the offical annoucement!

We after a number of years and questions; I guess I better make it official. After 30 years in the Paralympic movement I am retiring from international competition and competition as a whole.

I think I have had a good run; 5 official different sports for Canada, athletics, basketball, wheelchair rugby, marathon and curling; with a mention to sit volleyball as well. I attended multi Paralympic games with Australia and Turin being the most memorable for me. I am one of the few to have had the chance to represent Canada at both summer and winter paralympic games.
Before I offically leave,  I would like to make one statement about my curling career.
I never quit!
I asked for a leave of absence, I have just never really made it back up to that level but I never quit. I had a bunch of personal things going on at the time and it was best for the program I step aside for a time. With that and the success of Jim (a friend of mine, and proud to say that) there was never a need to go back but please remember I never quit.

I cannot really remember how many medals I have one but if one had to guess and my son did this for me ;the total is 600+. I attended 61 World championships and 120 National Championship events. I have had a wonderful career and made some great friends along the way, some which have lasted and will last a life time. I have been on 5 of the 6 continents and god only knows how many countries but Scotland, England, Australia and Japan where the best times I ever had.

There will be no media press conference and honestly I don’t think anyone will really care.  I would have liked to continue but I don’t think the opportunity will present itself so now is the time. I will focus on my family which gave so much over the years and focus on career.

I hope I made a difference, I hope I represented everyone including Canada at a level which would be considered great! Thank you everyone for the opportunity. See you somewhere down the road.

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