Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas to All and to all a good night....


In a year defined by change more than any other I just want to say this.
Never let your passion out run patience.

Remember these words and you will understand struggle and love more than ever.

I have no idea what the next year will bring but I do hope for just a few things.

1. Opportunity - as a whole. In life and in understanding

2. Understanding - I really want people to understand who I was is not who I am. Given a chance I can show you then change, but I need the chance.

3. Chance - I need a chance or two. I just need the chance to succeed again. In all aspects; in life, love, sports, my children and the list goes on.

I have tried and tried again to get across the line and move on. I don't know if I will return to sports or not. At 42 I would like to think I am not done yet but I need a chance.

Just one more.

But enough about my wants....

Merry Christmas to all and a BIG thank you as well. I feel like I have a huge family walking me though these times and I cannot express what the impact of your support and messages mean.
Thank you for believing in me those that do and those which are speculative........please just believe.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all of you!


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